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111 First- How to give feedback

111 First- How to give feedback

Since April 2020 all practices have had to free up one appointment per day for every 3000 patients for 111 and CCAS to book remotely.  Covid-19 legislation increased this to one appointment per 500 patients, but locally this has been relaxed as appointments were not being utilised.


NHS 111-First is the expansion of 111’s role in booking patients into A&E and urgent treatment centre appointments.  Patients are advised not to attend urgent care settings without first contacting 111 to be assessed and advised of the best way to manage their problem.


One of the dispositions for these calls is for 111 to book a call-back from their GP practice.  To facilitate this, practices have created 111-bookable slots, and these should be “ spread throughout the day ”.


Practices have fed back to the LMC that these slots have been used both appropriately and inappropriately.  The NHS 111 First team would welcome feedback so that they can refine the service.  If you wish to provide feedback then please either email the LMC, or you can email the 111 First team directly at  Feedback111.Lincolnshire@nhs.net .