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ADHD service for patients aged 16 and over

Please Note: The LMC is not the ADHD Service, if you wish to contact the ADHD360 Service please call 01507 534 181 or go to  www.adhd-360.com

ADHD 360 are a private organisation which has been commissioned by Lincolnshire CCGs to provide an NHS ADHD service for patients aged 16 and older. This service started on 9th November 2019, and is currently based in Lincoln but will soon be providing clinics in other locations across Lincolnshire.

The new service will provide end to end patient requirements, from referral, through triage, assessment, treatment, and importantly to titration and optimisation, when medication is offered as a treatment option. Shared care requests will be made to GP practices, once patients are stabilised on medications.

The service builds on the NICE guidelines for ADHD so that patients will also be offered advice on non-medical aspects of care that can support medication to ensure that treatment is comprehensive.

Where medication is not thought to be the best intervention for the patient, referral will be made for other supportive interventions, such as psychological therapy, counselling etc.

Patients who are already receiving treatment from LPFT or community paediatrics will be automatically referred into the service when they achieve the appropriate age. CCGs will inform practices of how to refer patients who are newly presenting, or who move into Lincolnshire already with the diagnosis of ADHD.