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Admiral Nurse Dementia Support in Lincolnshire

Admiral Nurse Dementia Support in Lincolnshire


What is an Admiral Nurse?

Admiral Nurses are all qualified nurses with a professional specialism in dementia. Admiral Nurses work together with families to provide the one-to-one support, expert guidance and practical solutions they need to live more positively with dementia each and every day.

Their clinical knowledge and skills help prevent crisis and build carers resilience which in turn supports families to maintain quality of life and a sense of control. They also work alongside other professionals in the dementia care pathway, sharing best practice.


What type of support does an Admiral Nurse provide?

Conduct a specialist assessment with families who have complex needs and devise a plan to address these.

Provide psychological support to help people with dementia and their families understand and deal with their feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Give practical advice and strategies aimed at preventing and managing situations that can arise after a dementia diagnosis.

Equip carers with stress management techniques and coping strategies, provide specialist carer education and training.

Manage and coordinate care, when required

Work together with families using therapeutic and educational interventions

Work in liaison with other professionals and organisations to make sure that families obtain co-ordinated support

Advocate for families who might not know the best questions to ask, or who to ask them of, and can help families prepare for complicated processes such as continuing healthcare assessments. or finding suitable long-term care


Who can access the service?

The service will be available to people with dementia and their family carers with complex needs who are registered with a GP practice in Lincolnshire.

Family carers of people with dementia will be able to access support it they live outside of Lincolnshire if the person with dementia that they care for has ordinary residence in Lincolnshire.


When is the service available?

The service is available Monday to Friday 9-5pm. However, it may be possible to arrange visits outside of these core hours to meet the needs of family carers.


How can people access the service?

Patients can be referred to the Admiral Nursing Service using a form which is available in SystmOne and EMIS. A copy of the referral form is also available on the LMC website.

Referrals will be triaged by an Admiral Nurse to identify if they are appropriate for casework.

Patients previously known to the service can self-refer for further episode(s) of support.


What are complex care needs?

  • A person with dementia has a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of dementia
  • Where there is a high risk of carer breakdown/stress; lack of support services involved
  • The person with dementia has been admitted to hospital twice within in the last 6 months or at high risk of needing to go into hospital because of their dementia.
  • When there is a clash between the needs and wishes of the carer and person with dementia.
  • When the carer finds it difficult to understand- or coming to terms with the diagnosis and how this affects the person with dementia and themselves. Or the carer is finding it hard to understand the needs of the person with dementia
  • When the family affected by dementia do not have family or friends close by who can help to support, or when the family need help to express what support they need and how to access support services.
  • When the carer needs specialist practical skills training, information and advice, emotional support for e.g. carer fatigue, loss, transition and changing relationships, managing behaviour that challenges (that cannot be met by existing support services)
  • To help the family make decisions about end of life care/advanced care planning at the earliest opportunity.


Please find below the link to the Admiral Nurse referral form: