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Child “Was Not Brought/DNA” to hospital appointment


When a child “Was not brought” (WNB) to a GP or hospital appointment, this could constitute a safeguarding concern, as the child’s health may be effected negatively through no action of their own, but through inaction of a parent or carer. Practices should record and monitor when children and vulnerable adults are not brought to appointments. If practices identify a concern then a safeguarding referral may be required.

Equally, if a child “Was not brought” to a hospital appointment, the hospital clinician should consider whether or not this a safeguarding concern. Hospital clinicians may ask GP practices for information, so that they can identify whether a WNB constitutes a concern. However, it is the responsibility of the hospital clinician to take further action if a concern is identified.

The CCGs have been working with ULHT to ensure that there is a robust WNB process in place so that children are properly safeguarded. The ULHT WNB/DNA policy is available in the attachment above.