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COVID-19 FAQs Appendices

Current Appendices


A16 - Extended access calculator

A17 - S1 COPI Notice and Patient Consent Guidance

A18 - CCG Testing Flowchart

A19 - NHS Test and Trace Isolate Risk Assessment

A20 - COVID-19 App Isolate Risk Assessment

A21 - Monitoring approach provider guidance

A22 - Which clinicians need to isolate when in contact with Covid-19 case?

B20 - Lincolnshire ICS IPC Principles

C06 - 210329 SD ULHT Flowchart 1st dose V0.1

C07 - 210329 SD ULHT Flowchart 2nd dose V0.1

C08 - 210329 SD ULHT Special Vaccs referral V0.1

C09 - C1543-letter-updated-ukhsa-guidance-isolation.pdf

Archived Appendices


A - Complaints Template Letter During COVID-19

A01 - Lincs CCG Covid-19 Claim Form

A02 - NEW Guidance for Swabbing Critical Practice Staff (25.09.2020)

A03 - SitRep Return Form

A04 - Pharmacy Letter-re Delivery Service 10-April-20

A05 - BAME Risk Assessment Form

A06 - 20200522_esf_gp_questions_prompts_indicators

A07 - National Minimum Standards for Immunisation Assessment Tool

A08 - NHS Health Check Restart Preparation

A09 - QOF Summary for FAQs LMC v2 summary

A10 - C0713-202021-General-Medical-Services-GMS-contract-Quality-and-Outcomes-Framework-QOF-Guidance

A11 - Making COVID-19 PCR testing available in general practice

A12 - Standard_operating_procedures_for_COVID-19_PCR_testing_in_general_practice

A13 - C0589-home-delivery-during-the-covid-19-outbreak-service-spec-and-guidance-v5

A14 - QOF - C1026_Freeing-up-GP-practices-letter_070121

A15 - Copy of Enhanced Service Guidance Jan 21

B01 - EMAS C0092_Specialty-guide_patient-with-cough-and-temperature_v2-6-April

B02 - AE contact details

B03 - Covid19 Contraception Contingency

B04 - Inter-facility transfers

B05 - Verification of Death (Amended 22 April 2020) FINAL

B06 - C19 MCCD and Crem forms (Updated 03.09.2020)

B07 - Covid-EOL-Prescribing-Guidance-and-CD1-Form-April-2020-Final-V2

B08 - NHS CSP Guidance for Sample Taking V1.0

B09 - bsh-advice-on-b12-supplements-ml

B10 - Caring for People at Highest Clinical Risk During COVID-19

B11 - Who is in the shielded group

B12 - Access to Dental Services 23.04.20

B13 - Adult safeguarding summary

B14 - Child safeguarding summary

B15 - Covid Home Visiting Arrangements (CHMS)

B16 - Process for LCHS to Support Covid+ Home Visiting Service (CHMS)

B17 - Letter for parents re children returning to school

B18 - 110620-Isolation Letter Pre-Op

B19 - Mask-Exemption-Cards

C01 - Covid19 vaccine info leaflet

C02 - IoS and Care Home Supplement Payment Guidance for PCN FINAL

C03 - AVH5-Disposal-of-AstraZeneca-COVID-19-at-PCN-Designated-Sites-Issue-1-31

C04 - PVH5-Disposal-of-unused-Pfizer-BioNTech-COVID-19-at-PCN-Designated-Sites

C05 - C1099_ Letter to GPs on Risk Tool SoS _15feb

(Appendix A - Non Clinical/  Appendix B - Clinical/ Appendix C - COVID-19 Vaccine)