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COVID-19 Webinars

Please see below our COVID-19 Webinars and Videos. All attachments can be found below the descriptions of each webinar. To access password protected content please contact: info@lincslmc.co.uk

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This is a recording of the NHS Lincolnshire CCG perspective by Rebecca Neno on 12th November 2020 following the first LMC Webinar that took place on 11/11/2020

Due to the confidential nature of the content in this webinar you will be asked to in-put a password to access this video. Please email info@lincslmc.co.uk to obtain the password and to request a copy of the slides.

This is the recording of the LMC 'COVID-19 Vaccine DES Webinar 1' that was held on 11th November 2020.

Please contact info@lincslmc.co.uk to obtain the password for this video and to request a copy of the slides.

Lincolnshire NHS has produced this informative video on COVID-19 Symptoms (Cold vs COVID-19). Please find further resources attached below: