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CQC – Fixed Penalties

Registered manager

It’s been brought to our attention that CQC is investigating compliance with its registered manager requirements in GP practices. We have been informed that letters have been sent to a number of practices in CQC’s central region, which includes Lincolnshire.

Under the regulations all providers must have a registered manager, except where the service provider is an individual who manages the service day-to-day and who is fit to carry on the service. Single handed GPs will meet this criterion and will not need a registered manager. Any GP practice registered with CQC as a partnership or as an organisation is required to have a registered manager. Further information is available on the CQC website

Whenever a registered manager leaves/is replaced, CQC must be notified. A practice must apply to register a manager within 12 weeks of the previous manager leaving.

Under its enforcement powers CQC has the option to issue a fixed penalty to avoid prosecution for individuals or organisations. However no warning notice has to be given before a fixed penalty is issued.

The fixed penalty fine for not having a registered manager is £4000.

Other fixed penalties include;

Failure to provide an updated statement of purpose

You must:

keep your statement of purpose up-to-date and notify CQC if you make any changes to it

send us a revised copy of the statement when you notify CQC

Further guidance can be found at:


The fixed penalty fine for not having, not updating or not notifying CQC of changes to your Statement of Purpose is £1,250 for the provider & £625 for the Registered Manager.

Failure to make required notifications

You need to notify CQC about certain changes, events and incidents that affect your service or the people who use it.

This includes but is not limited to;

Police involvement

Death in the premises

Changes to services

Absence of a registered manager

Further details of which notifications are required is available at:


The fixed penalty for not notifying CQC is £1,250 for the provider & £625 for the Registered Manager.


Failure to provide a statement about fees chargeable

This relates to any service that your patients are charged for, e.g. HGV medicals, reports etc.

The statement should be displayed in your waiting room(s) & on your practice website, if you have one.

The fixed penalty for not providing a statement is £1,250 for the provider & £625 for the Registered Manager.


Failure to display performance assessment

If you have been awarded a CQC rating (outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate) you must display it in each and every premises where a regulated activity is being delivered, in your main place of business and on your website(s) if you have any, where people will be sure to see it. This is a legal requirement from 1 April 2015.

Your ratings must be displayed at the premises where your service is being provided unless you are delivering care to someone in their own home.

CQC will assess whether or not your ratings are displayed legibly and conspicuously – not doing so may result in a fine and may impact on future inspection ratings.

This is not a fixed penalty but a fine of £100 will apply.


Please click on the attachment at the top of this page to view the Registered Manager Letter.

Further information regarding CQC Enforcement Policy is available from the CQC website.

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