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CQC – New monitoring approach for GP practices

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) are moving on from their transitional monitoring approach and are introducing a new monthly check of the information and data they hold on GP practices. Find out more about these changes by attending our CQC update on Tuesday 6 July. Speakers include, Amanda Reynolds, CQC Regional Manager & Chris Jarvis, CQC Inspector. Book your place here  Lincolnshire LMC: Event details: CQC Update Event (lincslmc.co.uk)


This monthly review will also involve the CQC publishing a statement on their website for your practice. This will let patients know that that the CQC have not found any evidence that tells them they need to re-assess the rating or quality of care at that service at that time.


These will be for services that are:


  • rated good or outstanding &
  • meet all the regulations &
  • where the CQC are not undertaking any regulatory activity &
  • where they have not found evidence that tells them they need to reassess the rating or quality at that time


For GP services this evidence would include;

  • information directly received by CQC
      • such as safeguarding
      • whistle-blowers
      • incident reports
      • patient experience information


  • It would also include a number of national data sources, for example;
      • GP patient survey  
      • QOF data
      • These national metrics are the same ones that CQC publish after an inspection, as part of the Evidence table.


If your allocated CQC inspector has any concerns about the data/information they have received they will contact your practice in the first instance to discuss this with you.  For perceived higher risk services CQC will carry out an inspection.


As part of these changes, from 15 June 2021, you may notice a statement appearing on your page on the CQC website. You will receive an email the day before it goes up on the services’ page on our website letting you know.


Practices will no longer be contacted on an annual basis for a telephone interview. Further details are available in the CQC draft monitoring approach provider guidance.


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