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CQC: Preparing Your Practice for the Transitional Regulatory Approach

(written by: Kate Pilton, COO)


CQC are adapting and developing their methods by using a transitional approach to monitoring services. This focuses on safety, how effectively a service is led and how easily people can access the service.

It includes:

  •  a strengthened approach to monitoring, based on specific existing key lines of enquiry (KLOEs)
  • using technology and their local relationships to have better direct contact with people who are using services, their families and staff in services
  • targeting inspection activity where they have concerns

After reviewing information that they have about your service, they will have a conversation with you by telephone. This is not an inspection and they do not rate services following a call. This call will help them to decide whether they need to take further action at this time, for example an inspection.

A list of the questions are available here

To make the telephone call run smoothly you may wish to;

  • Write your answers in advance so you don’t forget anything on the day
  • Email them to your CQC inspector before the call
  • Think about who is going to be on the call & limiting the numbers, e.g. Practice Manager & Registered Manager
  • Rehearse who is going to answer which question so the answers are clear & easy for the inspector to understand

Nationally the GPC have received a response from the CQC to their letter which urged the CQC to halt all non-essential inspections and practice monitoring to allow GPs and their teams, currently under immense pressure, to focus on the job at hand during the pandemic. Disappointingly, the CQC are not prepared to change their transitional regulatory approach, although it has confirmed that it will only inspect based on risk – i.e. where there are serious concerns around safety and quality of care. They have now written to Matt Hancock to raise their concerns about this calling again for an immediate suspension of all CQC inspections and reviews of general practice, other than those required for serious safety issues. This should be for the duration of the pandemic and to enable practices to focus on other priorities, not least the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

The LMC has met this week with the local CQC Inspectors & we have been assured that they will not contact practices with staff shortages due to Covid. They will be supplied with this information from the CCG via the Sit Rep reporting.