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CQRS - Flu & Pneumo Counts

Please click the attachment above to view a locally produced slide set on issues affecting flu and pneumo counts on CQRS this season. Please note the timing changes for some of the September activity data to land in CQRS during October.

The slides also

  • summarise the points often raised on calls seeking clarification on reasons behind variations between CQRS flu counts vs practice figures expected by the practice
  • gives a check list to help ensure you are comparing like with like on the flu counts before raising an amendment request for seasonal flu

updates EMIS practices on available codes for Health and Social Care Workers flu (S1 codes still awaited)

When requesting amendments it would also be really helpful for practices to clearly state explicitly that they have excluded both the childhood flu and the health and social care workers as these are paid on separate claim lines.

TPP have confirmed the following codes are available in SystmOne for use, and note that the SFLU extract does not look for these codes (this is as expected, and the reason for the separate manual care workers CQRS service):

  • Employed by domiciliary care provider - Y1cf0
  • Employed by nursing home - Y1cef
  • Employed by care home - Y1cee