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Dermatology Webinars

Julia Schofield and Dr Krisztina Scharrer, Consultant Dermatologists at ULHT have both produced three, very informative webinar sessions each for our Dermatology series. Please see all episodes below. Don't forget to check out our other Educational Webinars and Podcasts.

The final session in this session covers the question 'When to think about allergies?'

Session 5 -The Ageing Skin & It's Management:
A session covering cover the normal process of ageing, what are factors of ageing, the normal skin signs of ageing, the pathological ageing and the problems with ageing skin, how to manage them, the possible delaying methods of skin ageing.

Dr Krisztina Sharrer presents us with our final three episodes for the dermatology series. This session concentrates on 'Understanding basic skin care-Which emollient to choose?'

Session 3 of our dermatology webinar series covers common malignant lesions and self assessment quiz

This episode includes Tips for recognising and managing benign and pre-malignant skin lesions

Julia Schofield has produced our first three sessions in the dermatology webinar series. This episode focuses on 'Recognising Skin Lesions - The Traditional Approach'