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Firearms - Update to LMC Advice- from 1st april 2018

As you know Firearms Licensing (FAL) has been an area of contention since new guidance was released by the Home Office in 2016. This guidance allowed police forces to issue licenses after 21 days of application if no adverse medical report was received. Both the police and medical profession locally feel that this is unsafe, as patients could be issued a license as a result of delays in reports being received by the police. Lincolnshire police would much rather have a policy that no license can be issued or renewed without adequate medical information.

To safeguard the public, the LMC and Lincolnshire Police have agreed that a policy of "no report, no license" should be instigated.  This policy has been applied from 1st April 2018.

The LMC has produced a flowchart which shows the process, and three letters for use in the process, which are available above.

With regard to the fee which practices charge, the level of this fee is for the practice to set, however, the LMC Committee believes that a fee of £40-50+VAT is a reasonable fee for producing the majority of these reports.