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Fit Notes Update - Letter To Hospital Regarding Med 3

From April 17 the Standard NHS contract for hospital explicitly requires hospital clinicians to provide fit notes for patients who are; admitted to hospital, discharged from hospital, or seen in outpatients.

Clause 11.11 of the contact states:

“The Provider must, where appropriate under and in accordance with Fit Note Guidance, issue free of charge to the Service User or their Carer or Legal Guardian any necessary medical certificate to prove the Service User’s fitness or otherwise to work, covering the period until the date by which it is anticipated that the Service User will have recovered or by which it will be appropriate for a further clinical review to be carried out”


If a patient request that you provide them with a fit note for time when they were in hospital or after discharge, or following a clinic appointment, we recommend that you do provide this to them. However we would also suggest that you report this error through Datix, so that the CCG can monitor the occurrence of these errors. Datix can be accessed via https://incidentreporting.lincolnshire.nhs.uk/datix/live/index.php?module=INC&form_id=5

We also have a standard letter which you can use and amend to send to the relevant clinicians to try to change their future behaviour. This can be found using the link above.