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Flu Vaccination Orders & Reimbursement - Newsletter Article

We are aware that prior to the publication of the flu letter for the 2021/22 programme, some practices had already placed orders for QIVe vaccines for their 18-64 year old cohort, and are now struggling to change their orders to QIVc as set out in the flu letter.

NHS England and NHS Improvement have now confirmed that, given that QIVe is still recommended for the 18-64 at risk cohort, practices should feel confident that they will be reimbursed for any QIVe administered to this group over the 21/22 season if unable to change their orders.

NHSBSA has also published information for practices administering flu vaccines, about claiming for reimbursement, completing end of season 2020/21 flu vaccine declaration, and guidance around NHSBSA’s post payment verification process.