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Flu Vaccine Ordering for 18/19 - Additional Information

As the deadline (12th April) approaches for the ordering of flu vaccine for next season, the Screening and Immunisation Team (Public Health) have been asked to send the attached Q&A which gives a little more information about the delivery dates for the vaccine.

As some of you will know they have been in touch with individual practices who, we had been informed, had not appeared to order any vaccine. The Screening and Immunisation Team are now hopeful that everyone has ordered enough appropriate vaccine for their patients for next season.

If the Screening and Immunisation Team have not been in touch and you are concerned, after checking, that your order has not been confirmed in writing, or you have not ordered enough, there is still time to contact Sequiris to arrange this.

The Screening and Immunisation Team appreciate there has been a lot of correspondence regarding flu vaccines for next year (even before this year’s flu season was over) and they have sent thanks to all practices for their patience in this matter.

To view the questions and answers please click on the attachment at the top of this page.