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Flu vaccine ordering for 2020/21

Please see the email from the Screening and Immunisation Team (Public Health) below regarding Flu Vaccine Ordering for 2020/21:


From: LLIMMS, England (NHS ENGLAND & NHS IMPROVEMENT - X24) [ mailto:england.llimms@nhs.net ]
Sent: 21 January 2020 13:41

Subject: For Reference: FOR URGENT ACTION: Flu vaccine ordering for 2020/21
Importance: High

For reference please find below and attached details which was sent to all Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire practices today. (21/01/2020)

Sent on behalf of Dr Tim Davies:

Dear Colleagues

Whilst we know practices are continuing to immunise during this flu season (thank you), thought also needs to turn to the 2020/21 flu season. Data from the manufacturers suggests that a number of practices may not yet have ordered vaccine for 2020/21 and we would encourage those that haven’t to prioritise this to ensure that delivery dates are obtained that are as early as possible.

Hopefully you will have seen the letter giving advice as to which vaccines to order for which cohorts (attached). Whilst we would acknowledge that the guidance isn’t perhaps quite as clear as it has been in previous years it is different to the guidance for the current year so decisions need to be made.

The principle difference is for the 65+ cohort where the guidance for 2020/21 is that aTIV is the preferred vaccine, so every practice should order this for its 65+ population. The QIVc vaccine is an alternative only if aTIV is not available, and if all practices order aTIV at this stage then it should be available! For clarity, the guidance does say that if QIVc is given to this cohort it will be reimbursed. The high dose vaccine, TIV-HD will not be reimbursed due to its high price and should not be ordered.

For the under 65 at risk groups (strictly speaking those aged 9 to <65yrs) the guidance seems to be that there is a slight preference for QIVc but not sufficient to say that every practice has to order this for all of their patients. I think a reasonable interpretation is that practices should either order QIVc for all of this cohort or should order a mix of QIVc and QIVe for this cohort. The first strategy will provide the best possible clinical outcomes if there are no vaccine supply issues and the second strategy will mitigate the risk of a last minute vaccine supply delay in one of the products. A strategy of ordering purely QIVe for the whole 9 to <65yrs cohort would seem to neither maximise the potential clinical outcomes nor mitigate the risk of vaccine supply issues. However, such a strategy would be reimbursed.

We have tried to summarise this in the attached table, which also include the children’s programme.

Kind regards

Screening and Immunisation Team (Public Health)

NHS England and NHS Improvement – Midlands (Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire)

Fosse House | 6 Smith Way | Grove Park | Enderby | Leicester | LE19 1SX

Generic email: england.llimms@nhs.net ​​​​​​​

Website: https://www.england.nhs.uk/midlands/information-for-professionals/leicestershire-lincolnshire-northamptonshire-screening-and-immunisation-team-sit/ ​​​​​​​


We aim to respond promptly to all emails, but if you have an urgent clinical enquiry please contact the Public Health England (East Midlands) Health Protection Team on 0344 225 4524, option 1.

Any medicines advice that we have provided is based upon the information that you have given to us. In all cases, registered healthcare professionals prescribing, supplying or administering the medicines remain legally and professionally responsible for their decisions and actions

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