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General Practice Infographics

We have created infographics for general practices to use on their websites and social media. These infographics inform patients on key services to use and how general practices are currently operating. 

Below is an example of the infographics we've created:

GP Practice are open infographic


Feel free to pick and choose the images that are suitable for your practice's needs. Additionally, if you have any ideas for a new infographic that other practices could use please contact us at info@lincslmc.co.uk

Please find below the full list of infographics, to view them please click on the links:

 1 - Proof of COVID Vaccination

 2 - GP Practices are open

 3 - How to contact your practice

 4 - Using our online services

 5 - Using our online services V2

 6 - Help us to help you

 7 - Looking after yourself

 8 - Mental health matters

 9 - Watching and waiting

10 - Please follow our advice

11 - Contacting 111

12 - Waiting for a hospital appointment

13 - COVID-19 Vaccinations

14 - Hospital Appointments

15 - Be kind to our staff

16 - Insect bites

17 - Hay fever