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The Guidance Section holds a wealth of information on a wide range of subjects relating to general practice.

We have tried to arrange the guidance as simply as we can but we would encourage you to use the Search Guidance facility.

Latest Guidance

Supporting Mothers Who Breastfeed

Please find attached a new training aid for Doctors from Better Births Lincolnshire.

Notification of Death Regulations 2019

Notification of Death Regulations 2019 In September 2019 the government released new guidance regarding Notification of Death. These guidelines can be found at the Gov.uk website . The...

Patients released from prisons

The 2017/18 GMS contract included clauses designed to make the transition from prison to the community easier for patients being released from prison. These clauses (13.5B) allow...

NHSE complaints

When patients make complaints direct to NHSE practices will receive a letter from NHSE requesting a response within three working days. This is often not practically possible to achieve,...