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ICON- “Babies cry, you can cope”

ICON ‘Babies Cry, You Can Cope’, is an evidenced-based programme designed to help parents and carers understand the normal crying pattern of young infants and to help them develop successful coping mechanisms. ICON stands for:

I   – Infant crying is normal;

C – Comforting methods can help;

O – It’s OK to walk away;

N – Never, ever shake a baby.

Lincolnshire CCG safeguarding team is leading on the Lincolnshire roll-out of ICON, an initiative to help prevent abusive head trauma (also known as shaken baby syndrome). Research suggests that some people lose control when a baby’s crying becomes too much. Sadly, some go on to shake a baby with devastating consequences.

ICON provides a simple message that supports parents and care givers to cope with infant crying. Apart from preventing abusive head trauma, most people who have ever cared for a baby appreciate advice about the normal crying patterns of young infants, how to comfort a crying baby and how to develop successful coping mechanisms.

Parents and care givers are encouraged to speak to someone, such as family, friends, Midwife, GP or Health Visitor, if they need support.

Please find attached resources to help you understand and promote ICON.

You will find questions relating to this on the Postnatal Template on Ardens, along with links to printable information leaflets. Please help us to spread this important information to our patients so that we can help prevent abusive head trauma.