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Lincolnshire 0 - 19 Service

The LMC has heard many concerns from practices that the level of service for children has significantly reduced since the development of the 0-19 Service. We have been working with the County Council to try to identify ways in which the 0-19 Service can better engage with practices. We have provided the 0-19 Service with the generic email addresses of practices so that the 0-19 teams can contact practices rather than asking patients to do so. We will also provide contact details to all practices of their local 0-19 teams.

We encourage practices to hold regular meetings to discuss children and families in which there are safeguarding concerns or the children have need of extra support. The 0-19 Service should be invited to attend these meetings. If practices invite members of the 0-19 Service, and they do not attend, the LMC can highlight this to the 0-19 Service management.

When GPs refer children to the 0-19 Service, the referral is sometimes returned to the practice with advice that a referral should be made to Early Help. The LMC have agreed with the 0-19 Service that this should not happen, and that the Early Help referral should be made by the 0-19 worker or someone from the child’s school who knows their needs best.

If a GP feels that a child would benefit from Early Help, it is not always appropriate for the GP to make this referral. It may be better to contact the person who knows the child best, at their school, to discuss whether a referral by them is appropriate.

The 0-19 service has produced a guide which summarises their services. This is available in the attachments at the top of this page along with other resources for the 0-19 Service.