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Lincolnshire LMC Committee Meetings

The Lincolnshire LMC holds regular committee meetings.


We welcome and encourage constituents to attend our LMC Committee Meetings as observers, usually there is a limit of two observers per meeting so if you are interested and would like to come along please contact us to confirm your place.

All LMC Committee Meetings take place in the evening.

(Currently All Meetings are being held via video conference)

      Meeting Dates

  Thursday 13th January 2022

  Thursday 10th February 2022

  Thursday 10th March 2022

  Thursday 21st April 2022

  Thursday 19th May 2022

  Thursday 9th June 2022

  Thursday 7th July 2022

  August 2021 - No Meeting 

  Thursday 8th September 2021

  Thursday 13th October 2022

  Thursday 10th November 2022

  December 2021 - No Meeting


Go to Meet The Team to view our current LMC Members.

Go to LMC Meeting Reports to view the meeting updates for practices.