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Lincolnshire Safeguarding Escalation Process

The LMC has been working with Lincolnshire CCG safeguarding team and Lincolnshire County Council Children’s Services to ensure that GP practice receive feedback regarding referrals to Children’s Services. Children’s Services have amended their response letters so that GP clinicians get more information about the decision process and outcome.

Children’s Services base their decisions on whether or not a concern raised meets thresholds as set out in by “Meeting the Needs”, a summary of which is on the LSCP website .

If a GP clinician has concerns regarding the decisions made by Children’s Services, this can be escalated following the Lincolnshire Safeguarding Board’s escalation policy which can be found on their website .

This policy has four steps to escalation. Step one requires a professional to professional discussion. Hopefully this discussion will clarify any misunderstandings.

Step two should be used when step one does not resolve the clinician’s cause for concern. Step two advises a manager to manager discussion. This could be the practice safeguarding lead speaking to the line manager or social worker at Children’s Services.

Step three requires a Senior Liaison Officer (SLO) from general practice to speak to a SLO from Children’s Services. General practices do not have an SLO, thus we advise that the CCG SLO be contacted swlccg.safeguarding1@nhs.net so that they can escalate on the practice’s behalf. Alternatively practices can contact the LMC to discuss their concerns before speaking to the CCG SLO.

If none of these steps resolve the concerns, then Step 4 will involve an independently chaired meeting to discuss the case.