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LMC Podcast: Previous Episodes

Please find below all our previous Hot Topics episodes: 

Episode 1: Experiencing Burnout

Episode 2: Self-Harm Awareness for GPs

Episode 3: Time Management For Primary Care (Part 1/3)

Episode 4: Time Management For Primary Care (Part 2/3)

Episode 5: Time Management For Primary Care (Part 3/3)

Episode 6: The Power of a Collaborative Practice

Episode 7: The RESPECT Form

Episode 8: Performance Matters: Filing Blood Test Results (Primary Care)

Episode 9: Performance Matters: Medication Reviews (Primary Care)

Episode 10: Performance Matters: Interruptions

Episode 11: Performance Matters: Travelling abroad with medications

Episode 12: The Take-30 service (Part 1)

Episode 13: The Take-30 service (Part 2)

Episode 14: How to become a GP trainer

Episode 15: Palliative Emergencies End of Life Bleed

Episode 16: The Admiral Nurse Service Update

Episode 17: Rheumatology Referral Forms and Pathways

Episode 18: Introduction to new liver pathways at ULHT

Episode 19: Abnormal Liver Function Tests (Isolated Bilirubin, ALP and GGT)

Episode 20: Alcohol-Related Liver Disease and Fibroscans

Episode 21: Alcohol-Related Liver Disease and Fibroscans

Episode 22: Joining the LMC Committee

Episode 23: Using EPACCS in primary care

Episode 24: Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Episode 25: Abnormal Liver Function Tests (Raised ALP, Cholestasis pathway)

Episode 26: Abnormal Liver Function Tests (Raised ALT, Hepatitis pathway)

For further information on each episode please go to the following website:

The Lincolnshire LMC Hot Topics Podcast