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Making Referral to Crisis Team

It is best practice when making referrals to another service for the clinician who has seen the patient to make the referral.   Crisis Team have emphasised the importance of the clinician to clinician discussion to help understanding.  GPs are thus asked to contact the crisis team direct rather than asking the patient to self-refer.

When other clinicians ask a patient to contact their practice this frustrates us, because the patient may not have the level of understanding or information required for us to make an appropriate response.  This is the same when we make outward referrals.

If we ask a patient to self-refer, we also have no guarantee that they will do this, it is much safer to make the referral ourselves.

You can contact the crisis team by calling LPFT SPA on 0303 123 4000.  Crisis team should be able to access the patient’s details through the Lincolnshire Care Portal, but you may be asked to email a patient summary to the SPA as well.