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Mental Health Webinars

Please see below our 'Mental Health' Webinars. All attachments can be found below the descriptions of each webinar. Don't forget to check out our other Educational Webinars and Podcast Episodes.

An evening with: Consultant psychiatrists, Adaeze Bradshaw & Suneetha Siddabattuni.

Managing Eating Disorders in Young People and Adults

This is a recording of an event delivered in collaboration between Lincolnshire LMC,  LPFT and Lincolnshire Training Hub.

This is an educational webinar from the 'An evening with... consultant psychiatrist' event. This is presented by Dr Praveen Kumar who discusses 'Managing Depression in Primary Care'.

This is an Educational Webinar with Naomi Watkins-Ligudzinska, CEO of NW Counselling Hub CIC. This session is based on Self Harm, as part of our 'Mental Health' Webinar series.

This is an educational session regarding 'Perinatal Mental Health' presented to us Dr Rebecca Dickenson, Perinatal Consultant Psychiatrist at LPFT. 

This is the final episode in the 'Psychotropic Prescribing' series, this episode includes: How to talk about causation, resilience, and everyday support, understanding how having depression is depressing, being anxious is anxiety provoking, having insomnia makes it difficult to sleep etc., and how these reinforcing processes can be interrupted with minimal effort.

This is the second session of 3,  focussing on psychotropic, particularly antidepressant, prescribing. Giving an outline of a narrative approach to prescribing psychotropics (what to say and how to frame it) and approaches and pitfalls to weaning off psychotropics.

The session will also cover general outcomes with psychotropic medication – some evidence for improving short term outcomes, little for improving long term, in fact some evidence that continuing on such meds can lead to worse long term outcomes.