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Message from One You Lincolnshire

Message from One You Lincolnshire:

"As promised in our monthly Newsletter - we have a new digital resource pack to share with you all. These are materials for you to use on your social media and web pages and indeed with your patients.

They will include assets and messaging that promote One You Lincolnshire services and support Public Health England’s Better Health and Dry January Campaign.

The Better Health Campaign was launched this summer as a bid to help people kick start a health journey. Nearly two thirds of the UK adult population are overweight or obese and this extra pressure on the body makes it more difficult to fight off diseases such as cancer, heart disease and COVID 19. In January 2020 Better Health will reignite their campaign to promote a healthy lifestyle. As a result, we have developed these resources for you to utilise a more personal localised messaging and signpost your patients to the appropriate services. These include a rally stage beginning mid December, engagement and action phase during beginning of January and then a relapse and support phase taking you until the end of February!

One You Lincolnshire are also pleased to be support Dry January - for people who would like to reduce or abstain from drinking alcohol for a month. Resources are also included in the pack to support this messaging.

For any queries please email Allison.Jackson@oneyoulincolnshire.org.uk

or contact your local referral generation officer: