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Chest X-Ray Service

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT) between June and September 2019 successfully completed a pilot of the faster chest X-ray service at Lincoln County Hospital and Pilgrim Hospital Boston. The pilot showed the new service reduced the amount of administration for general practice and shorter waiting times for both tests and results of chest X-rays. ULHT radiology department CXR reporting has been a great success with 99% of all CXR reports issued within 2 days and 100% within 7 days. 

Patients X-ray results are available within 24 hours and if the results show any abnormalities, patients will have a CT scan within 48 hours. Routine and non-urgent patients will be referred back to their GP, however a further routine appointment or a CT scan can be requested if the GP feels this is required. ULHT will contact patients by telephone if the CXR report identifies and requirement to carry out a Chest CT scan. 

GPs are to request a chest x-ray as usual using the ‘Faster Respiratory Diagnostic Test’ (FReD) form (applies to any patient needing one) and should provide the patient with a copy of the attached Patient Information booklet. 

After the successful pilot of the Faster Chest X-Ray Service at Lincoln County and Boston Pilgrim, ULHT have now rolled out the service to all hospitals within ULHT. This means patent choice has increased with patients now able to attend their nearest X-ray department for the CXR. CT scans can be carried out at Lincoln County, Boston Pilgrim or Grantham Hospital. 

A short educational video for GPs is available at https://vimeo.com/339186393/48b6311ebd  

If you have any queries regarding this, please contact Chris Mills, Cancer Project Manager, Lincolnshire West CCG via email: christopher.mills3@nhs.net  

Or call 01522 5153355 Ext. 5482

You can also find further information regarding in the attachments above including the new 'Faster Respiratory Diagnostic Test' Form: FReD.