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NHS Digital - GP Workload Collection

This data collection will enable the NHS to better articulate general practice workload, understand appointment activity and utilisation and demonstrate the use of general practice across the week, including by healthcare professional and by mode of appointment.

This information to be collected is required by NHS Digital under section 259(1) of the Health & Social Care Act. In line with section 259(5) of the Act, all general practices in England must comply with the requirement and provide information to NHS Digital in the form, manner and period specified in this Data Provision Notice sent to your practice. The GP Workload Information Collection will not involve collecting confidential / personal information.

General practices will receive an offer to accept the GP Workload Information Collection via the Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS) system. This offer must be accepted by all general practices.

This data collection will not involve collecting patient level information. Instead, data at general practice level (that is: aggregated counts of patients broken down by general practice) will be collected.

In order for the data collection to be a true record of your practice workload, please ensure that all patient contacts are shown in your appointment system.

For each general practice included in this data collection, NHS Digital will collect the following:

  • The number of appointments offered and scheduled
  • When appointments are offered and scheduled
  • The types of appointment offered and scheduled
  • The modes of appointments offered and scheduled
  • The healthcare professional types associated with appointments offered and scheduled
  • Number of appointments attended and cancelled
  • An indication of the availability of appointments through the third next available appointment metric
  • Aggregated counts of the demographic details (sex, age band, ethnicity group) of patients attending appointments*
  • Indicator of patients who attended more three or more appointments in the reporting period

*Age bands have been defined by NHS England

*Ethnicity groupings match the Office of National Statistics groupings used for the 2011 census and correspond to those used for other NHS Digital data collections

Further details of the data collection can be found via the link below:

Data Provision Notice for the GP Workload Collection

Please also see the GP workload tool in the attachment at the top of this page.


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