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Nurse Practitioners and AHPs requesting x-ray and ultrasound investigations

Nurse practitioners and AHPs can become qualified and registered to organise x-ray and ultrasound investigations. To be able to request these investigations there a a number of steps which the GP practice and clinician have to go through.

  • The practice has to have a protocol in place for non-medically qualified clinicians to make x-ray requests and ultrasound request- an example these protocol is available above.
  • The practice should be signed up to the local radiology provider’s policy for non-medical radiology requests- an example policy from ULHT is available above.
  • The individual clinicians have to have completed an Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations (IRMER) course, and have an up to date certificate from this. An e-IRMER course is available from e-Learning for Health
  • The clinician should send their IRMER certificate along with an application to be a non-medical requestor to their local radiology department- an example application is attached to the practice protocol as appendix A
  • The clinician also needs to complete Appendix 1 of the “Policy for requesting ultrasound examinations for non-medical advanced practitioners in primary and community care” and send this to the radiology department of their local provider. For ULHT these applications should be sent to Julie.baddon@ulh.nhs.uk

The LMC would like to thank Dr Ruth Challenor for her work on clarifying this process.