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Paediatric referrals from GPs


When you have concerns about a child and want to make an urgent referral to paediatrics, this should be done by calling switchboard and asking for the paediatric SHO on call. The paediatric SHO should then take details of the patient and what your concerns are. The SHOs fulfill this role as the more senior specialist trainees may be engaged in urgent patient care, and it is an important part of the SHO’s education.

In normal circumstances the SHO will accept the referral, and would not give advice to the GP regarding further management. However, when the paediatric unit is short of beds, the SHO may need to get advice from their senior colleagues before accepting the patient. We have asked that in these circumstances the SHO takes the details of the patient and the senior specialist trainee or consultant communicates any advice or decision to the GP, so that this advice is being given directly rather than through a third party.

Surgical referrals for children

If a child presents with a surgical problem which needs immediate assessment or admission, ULHT has a clear agreed pathway for who should accept this referral.

  • If the child is aged five or less, the referral should be made to the paediatrician on-call, who can then seek surgical advice.
  • If the child is aged six or more, the referral should be made to the surgical or specialist team on-call, who will then liaise with the paediatricians regarding finding a bed and paediatric input.