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Physical Activity

A GP that shifts from being sedentary to doing some physical activity has the largest potential health gains: just 10 minutes a day of moderate intensity physical activity can add almost 2 years to life and being active in line with the government guidelines can add almost 3 years.

The Active 10 App https://www.nhs.uk/oneyou/active10/home supports fitting achievable activity targets into a busy day.

Having a culture in the organisation that supports health and well being for staff has positive benefits for all, GP’s are powerful role models for staff and patients.


  • Parkrun Practices Initiative was launched in 2018 and is aimed at bringing staff, patients and communities together promoting wellness. Find out more at the Parkrun Practice Website – something to consider when normal life resumes.
  • Desk Activities: "We are made to move, not sit at a desk 12 hours a day, " Joan Price, author of The Anytime, Anywhere Exercise Book. " CLICK HERE to view the full article on the WebMD website
  • Why Sitting Is The New Smoking "there’s a health risk you might be taking everyday, something you’re unaware of. It can increase your risk of many diseases and running further or faster isn’t going to help. What it is?" CLICK HERE to view the full article including "12 Tips For Making Your Working Day More Active"
  • Couch to 5K: go from couch to the ability to run 5km in just nine weeks!
  • Active 10:  Add more regular bursts of brisk walking to your daily routine with activity tracking, encouragement and achievable milestones.
  • iPrescribe Exercise: The iPrescribe Exercise app creates a 12-week exercise plan based on health information entered by the user. It then sets the duration and intensity of the exercise based on this information.

CLICK HERE to view more Healthy Living Apps on the NHS Website.

CLICK HERE to view more wellbeing apps on the NHS Website.