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Practice Indemnity, Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice CNSGP

Since 2014 as a condition of maintaining their registration with the NMC, all nurses must be able to confirm they have the correct indemnity for the work they do.

From 1 April 2019, NHS Resolution began operating a new state indemnity scheme for general practice in England called the Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP). Link 1; https://resolution.nhs.uk/services/claims-management/clinical-schemes/clinical-negligence-scheme-for-general-practice/

Who and what is covered?

The scheme covers all staff including salaried GPs, locums, students and trainees, nurses, clinical pharmacists and other practice staff who perform NHS work provided under the provision of primary medical services under a general medical services (GMS), personal medical services (PMS) or alternative provider medical services (APMS) contract. Link 2; is a helpful table of the work covered by the scheme, this is not an exhaustive list. Link 2; https://resolution.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/CNSGP-Scheme-scope-table.pdf

What is not covered?

The CNSGP will not offer professional services such employment advice, NMC referrals, inquests and other potential legal issues. This aspect of cover is provided by the nurses own professional organisation such as RCN or the Practices Medical Defence Organisation if that is bought in as an additional service.

After lots of initial confusion around the legal definition of some non-NHS work, NHS Resolution have clarified that non-NHS travel Vaccination are not covered by the CNSGP scheme.

The RCN has issued a statement which confirms that GPNs who are members, will be covered to provide Non-NHS vaccination, under an extension to their existing scheme starting from 1/8/2019. Link 3; https://soundcloud.com/user-149888216/roz-hooper-indemnity-podcast

If nurses are members of other professional bodies, they should clarify what their union is covering

Some Practices have already made arrangements with their MDOs to purchase extended cover for non-NHS travel, which may be a duplication of cover.

Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England have put interim measures in place for GP staff in England. The CNSGP scheme will offer assistance in relation to any claim for clinical negligence made against GP staff for the administering of travel vaccinations between 1 April 2019, the date the scheme was introduced, and 31 July 2019 to allow time for those providing travel vaccine services to make other arrangements.