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Practice Leaflets in Accessible Formats

NHS England have asked the LMC to advise practices about what is expected with regard to provision of practice leaflets. The content of practice leaflets is set out in Schedule 3 of the GMS contract. NHSE expects that practices should make their leaflet available to patients who have special access requirements and in languages which are appropriate for the practice population. Thus the LMC recommends that practices should have various leaflets available for their patients.

Large print (18-20pt font size) can be generated by practices on request.

Leaflets which are “easy read” for patients with learning disabilities can also be produced, an example of which can be found at http://www.healthelanarkshire.co.uk/assets/files/gp%20leaflet%20template.pdf .

You can identify which languages to translate your leaflet into by speaking with your PPG, or by searching your clinical system for the languages of the patients who you have registered. PPGs may also be able to identify patients who can translate the leaflet on your behalf. Alternatively, CCGs have a responsibility to provide translation services for practices.