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QOF in England 2017-18 report

NHS Digital have published the annual QOF in England report today. The area of greatest change has been the recording of patients with depression, which increased by 0.9% to 9.9%. 537.5 points was the average achievement score for practices out of 559 points, with 12.5% of practices achieving the maximum points, up from 11.9% last year. Read the full report here .

The report once again shows that despite high workload pressures impacting practices across the country, high standards of care are being provided to patients, and this is down to the hard work and dedication of GPs and their practice staff. The rising numbers of patients recorded as suffering from depression is a sign of how GPs are on the frontline in responding to people with mental health problems and provides more evidence as to why increased investment in wider community mental health services is urgently needed.