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Reducing the burden of Appraisal

NHSE have recently changed the focus of GP Appraisal. The new focus is aimed at being more developmental and less bureaucratic, so that less time needs to be spent preparing for appraisal.

NHSE has circulated a document which sets out the changes; this document can also be found in the attachment at the top of this page..

In summary:

  • Learning credits will need to be justifiable and display appropriate levels of CPD to demonstrate you are staying up to date and are fit to practise (no longer defined as mandatory 50 credits)

- Over the five year revalidation cycle all aspects of your scope of work should be covered by your CPD

  • GPs must provide a minimum of one piece of quality written reflection on key learning events against each of the GMC domains in Good Medical Practice
  • Mandatory declarations on elements such as health, probity, Multi-Source Feedback (MSF for patient and colleague feedback per each revalidation cycle);
  • You will reflect within your appraisal meeting on the learning undertaken for that year, in a more supportive and developmental approach to appraisal, focussed on you as an individual, with active and targeted complaints remain unchanged.

You must ensure that over the course of your 5 year revalidation cycle, you have covered discussion to develop Personal Development Plan’s (PDP) which are meaningful and which are tailored to your future growth over the next year.