Referendum of the GP 2024/25 Contract

BMA Message to all GPs:

Join the BMA today and have your say

Your national team are anticipating a final contract proposal for 2024/25 from the DHSC (Department of Health and Social Care), together with NHSE (NHS England) to arrive later today – Friday 26 January. Your national committee, GPC England, will be meeting to fully consider this offer next week, on Thursday 1 February.  In line with LMC conference policy, we are preparing to hold a referendum which will enable colleagues to decide whether the offer sufficiently supports general practice in England for the forthcoming financial year, or not.


To be eligible to vote in the referendum, you need to be an NHS GP, practising in England, and a BMA member. You can join the BMA here. We will be writing to you again the week after GPCE meets with more details.


We recognise that the Government can still choose to impose a contract, regardless of a referendum outcome. It will, however, provide a vital temperature check of the profession which we can then share with ministers, the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England.


Whether GPC England feels able to recommend the contract offer for 2024/25 will depend on whether it fulfils its promise to be a sufficiently stabilising ‘stepping stone’ contract following the end of the 2019-24 multi-year contract framework and PCN DES. We have been clear with the Department and NHS England that the 2024/25 contract must bring hope for the future and return confidence to our profession; allow practices to feel safe in delivering a sustainable service; deliver safe care for patients; and permit a safe working environment within which they can recruit and retain GPs and the wider essential practice team.


There are no surprises here, for context in Spring 2023, GPC England voted to prepare to ballot GPs on taking collective action if the Government did not ‘drastically improve the contract’ in these negotiations. With those discussions now reaching their conclusion, GPC England and the profession have important decisions to make. If there is no positive outcome to current talks with ministers, DHSC and NHSE, the spectre of GP collective action in 2024 remains.


If you are a GP member practising in England within the NHS, make sure the details we hold for you are up to date to ensure your vote counts. Tell your partners, colleagues, peers and friends. Update your member details on share this email or join us as a member today.


Ensure everyone has a voice – please encourage your colleagues to join the BMA.

First Published
26 January 2024
Updated On
26 January 2024
Due to be Reviewed
23 April 2024
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