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Educational Webinar

Cancer Care Webinars

Click the links below to view the Cancer Care Webinars: Cancer Care Reviews Webinar If you would like any further information about any of the educational webinars please get in touch: Email: info@lincslmc.co.uk

Cardiology Webinars

Click on the links below to view our series of educational Cardiology Webinars: Session 1 : Atrial Fibrillation If you would like a copy of the slides from this session please email: info@lincslmc.co.uk

Dementia Webinars

Click on the links below to view our Dementia Webinars Dementia Diagnosis Webinar (16/01/2019)

Dermatology Webinars

Click on the titles below to view our Dermatology Webinars: Dermatology Webinar 1 - Skin Lesions 1: (01/11/2018) Dermatology Webinar 2 - Skin Lesions 2: (07/02/2019) Dermatology Webinar 3 - Skin Lesions 3: (07/03/2019) Dermatology Webinar 4 - Emollients (04/04/2019) Dermatology Webinar 5...

Lincolnshire LMC Educational Webinars

The Lincolnshire LMC run short educational webinars at lunchtimes aimed at GPs and other practice staff who find it a challenge to take time away from their practice to travel to training. You can register for our live events by going to the LMC's Training & Events page. Once your place is...

Mental Health Webinars

Click the links below to view our Mental Health Webinars: Psychotropic Prescribing Psychotropic Prescribing Session 1: Basic Principles & Evidence Psychotropic Prescribing Session 2: Prescribing & De-prescribing Models Psychotropic Prescribing Session 3: Brief Therapy Alternatives To...

Practice Manager Webinars

Please click the links below to view our Practice Manager Webinars: Practice Manager Update Webinar - 1st October 2020

Safeguarding Webinars

Click on the links below to view our Safeguarding Webinars: Session 1: Child Safeguarding (09/2020) Coming Soon: Session 2 - Adult Safeguarding