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The Lincolnshire LMC is actively working with CCGs, NHS England, EMAS, Public Health & many other organisations regarding COVID-19. We are part of the Primary Care Cell, Clinical Cell & Business Continuity Working Group for COVID-19. As per our email of 16 March 2020, the LMC will not be...

COVID-19 FAQs Appendices

(Appendix A - Non Clinical/ Appendix B - Clinical)

Flu Vaccination 2020-21 Frequently Asked Questions

Lincolnshire LMC has put together a 'Frequently Asked Questions' document specifically covering questions relating to 2020-21 Flu Vaccinations to support practices through this flu season. Please see the latest LMC Flu FAQs document below: FLu Vaccination 2020-21 FAQs - Updated...

Flu Vaccination 2020-21 FAQs Appendices

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NHS Staff Wellbeing & COVID-19

See more on our LMC Wellbeing Page OVERWHELMED at work or with life in general? LOCK-DOWN rules making you feel stressed or anxious? NEED to talk things through to get SOMETHING off your chest? DON'T BOTTLE THINGS UP, CALL OR EMAIL THE TAKE-30 SERVICE TO ARRANGE A ONE-OFF CONFIDENTIAL...