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Lincolnshire 0 - 19 Service

The LMC has heard many concerns from practices that the level of service for children has significantly reduced since the development of the 0-19 Service. We have been working with the County Council to try to identify ways in which the 0-19 Service can better engage with practices. We have...

Lincolnshire Safeguarding Escalation Process

The LMC has been working with Lincolnshire CCG safeguarding team and Lincolnshire County Council Children's Services to ensure that GP practice receive feedback regarding referrals to Children's Services. Children's Services have amended their response letters so that GP clinicians get more...

Safeguarding Webinars

Click on the links below to view our Safeguarding Webinars: Session 1: Child Safeguarding (09/2020) Coming Soon: Session 2 - Adult Safeguarding