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From 4th February 2019 Lincolnshire health and care organisations will be using the Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment (ReSPECT). This care plan replaces the DNA-CPR forms which we have been using to date. ReSPECT includes more information than the DNA-CPR form, and allows patients to express their wishes regarding all future care. The old DNA-CPR forms are still valid for patients who have them at present, but for patients newly identified as End of Life ReSPECT process should be completed.

Your practices should have been offered training as to how to have the ReSPECT conversation with patients, and to complete the paperwork. If however, you have not been able to access this training, there is a short video available which will help your teams to understand the process. There are also other resources on the End of Life Care website .

ReSPECT forms have been circulated to practices. There are also electronic versions available. On SystemOne the form is available in communications, and the form is also in Ardens. There is also a PDF version available on the LMC website.

If you have any queries regarding the ReSPECT process, please contact your CCG locality manager.