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Retention of PGDs

The Screening & Immunisation Team (SIT) recently issued the following advice regarding retention of PGDs. As these documents are the legal mechanism by which a medicine (in this case a vaccine) is being authorised, PGDs (and PSDs) must be retained as per all other medical records:

  • Adults - eight years
  • Children - until the child is 25 years old or for eight years after a child’s death.

If not kept with or copied into the patient’s notes, the notes must make reference to the appropriate document (e.g. “given as per X PGD”), which must then be kept separately within the practice.

A link to the guidance can be found under ‘Retention of PGDs’ on our webpages: https://www.england.nhs.uk/mids-east/info-professionals/ll-immunisation/pgds/