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Trainer Recruitment Webinar – 17th November

GP training is changing.

Would you like more variety in your working week?

Now is a great time to get involved in training the next generation of GPs!


GP training is expanding so registrars will spend 24 months in general practice during their 3 year programme. Therefore the process for becoming a GP trainer and training practice has been adapted and simplified by Health Education England as part of a recruitment drive. Now it is easier and quicker than ever before to begin your journey training doctors.

You and your practice can now be rewarded for supporting GP Registrars even before you decide to embark on the full training approval process.

Training is a great way to keep up to date as registrars bring new ideas and enthusiasm. Registrars also improve capacity, with more hands on deck at no cost.

This is also a great opportunity to create links with your local training network, and provide opportunities for recruitment and future workforce planning in your practice.


There are a variety of training options available:

  • Become an Associate Practice – a new simple model for new practices interested in training, practices will receive a trainer’s grant for hosting a trainee. You will be hosting registrars in the middle of their training, already familiar with general practice but not yet sitting exams. Registrars are already receiving support from their educational supervisor.


  • Become a clinical supervisor – 1.5 days virtual training to become a GMCapproved clinical supervisor plus 3 hours per year CPD to maintain eligibility. The practice will receive a trainers grant for hosting a GP registrar.


  • Become a fully approved GP Training Practice and Educational Supervisor – the new trainers course is two 3day courses plus a PGCE in Medical Education. At the end of this process you can host trainees at all stages of training and you will receive a trainers’ grant. There is an annual CPD allowance for educational supervisors.


For all options the GP registrar’s salary, payroll and HR is covered in full by the Lead Employer.


If you are interested in training the GPs of the future or want to find out more please attend the trainer recruitment webinar is on 17th November 2021 1-2pm.


Please book your place via the online portal Accent where you will need to register first.

BOOK HERE  Accent Course Manager (hicom.co.uk)


If you cannot attend the above course but are interested in training please contact bevis.heap@hee.nhs.uk


Interested in becoming a Trainer? | Health Education England East Midlands (eastmidlandsdeanery.nhs.uk)