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Veterans Support Service

VSS is a local charity based in Spalding which provides expert advice and guidance to veterans and their families on issues that affects their lives. They support the mental health and wellbeing of veterans, empower veterans to acknowledge, talk about, and address their health issues, including signposting them to support services. They provide support to individuals to overcome personal barriers. Any of your patients who are military veterans can get support from VSS by contacting info@vsscic.org.uk or ringing 07434 827372

Veterans are trained to find solutions so do not come for help, though they are also trained to be honest, so will open up when asked a direct question. Practices should ask all patients “are you a military veteran?” so that veterans can be easily identified when they do present.

Veterans are entitled to priority treatment within the NHS if they are in receipt of either a War Disablement Pension or an award made under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and only for the conditions listed, so when referrals are made, this should be flagged on the referral.