2WW Cancer Referral Forms

2WW Cancer referral forms

We recently met with the ICB Cancer team who raised that acceptance of some referrals on to 2WW cancer pathways have been delayed due to an absence of some details on referral proformas such as:

  • Patient contact details
  • Clinical information
  • GMC number
  • WHO status


The ICB Cancer team were understandably keen to avoid delays for patients referred onto such pathways. One example is the UGI 2WW pathway which is a straight to diagnostic test pathway, and as such, without important information, the correct diagnostic procedures are unable to be requested for patients.


As part of the discussion, we did raise the general increasing complexity of referral proformas and the escalating ask for pre-referral tests that should be done by secondary care as part of a first OPA that add workload for general practice and do not necessarily follow national guidance.


Practices are likely aware that use of referral proformas are not a contractual requirement and that a referral could be made and should be accepted if submitted via an eRS. However, where a practice does complete a referral proforma or letter, to avoid delays for the patient the LMC would recommend that practices add details such as patient contact details, GMC number and relevant clinical information to all referrals.


First Published
13 June 2023
Updated On
4 December 2023
Due to be Reviewed
4 December 2025
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