Meet the Team

Lincolnshire LMC consists of a committee of GP representatives from across the county and a secretariat made up of a Medical Director, Chief Operating Officer, Operations Officer, Practice Support Officer and Admin Assistant. Any person working in General Practice within the county is a member of Lincolnshire LMC.

Secretariat Committee
Lincolnshire LMC - Secretariat
Kate Pilton
Chief Operating Officer
Kate joined the LMC in 2014 and has a developed detailed knowledge of Primary Health Care Management from previous roles in Practice, training and consultancy.

Dr Reid Baker
LMC Medical Director
Dr Baker is a GP Partner in a local Practice and Co-Clinical Director of a PCN. He brings a wealth of experience to the Medical Director role.

Nick Turner
Practice Support Officer
Nick had an extensive RAF career before working as GP Practice Manager for 11 years. He joined the LMC in 2022 to support Practices and management teams.

Rosa Wyldeman
Operations Officer
Rosa has worked for the LMC since 2016 and ensures the smooth running of the LMC team and committee. She also supports Practices on a daily basis with their queries.

Laura Dexter
Administrative Assistant
Laura joined the LMC in 2021 and is the initial point of contact at the LMC. She leads the social media, website and flow of information to Practices with her flair for creativity.

Lincolnshire LMC - Committee

We welcome and encourage constituents to attend our LMC Committee Meetings as observers, usually there is a limit of two observers per meeting so if you are interested and would like to come along please contact us to confirm your place.

Upcoming Committee Meetings Previous Committee Meeting Reports
Lincolnshire LMC - Lincolnshire East
Dr Aleem Almayyahi
Committee Member (Registrar Representative)
Dr Divya Kuttappan
Committee Member (East Lincolnshire)
Dr Stephen Savory
Committee Member (East Lincolnshire) and Committee Chair
Dr Jaishri Teckchandani
Committee Member (East Lincolnshire)
Dr Christopher Hyde
Committee Member (East Lincolnshire)
Dr Kieran Sharrock
GPC Representative
Dr Nneka Anaegbu
Committee Member (East Lincolnshire)
Lincolnshire LMC - Lincolnshire South
Dr Saleem Ajumal
Committee Member (South Lincolnshire)
Dr Adeel Asim
Committee Member (South Lincolnshire)
Dr Naseer Khan
Committee Member (South Lincolnshire)
Lincolnshire LMC - Lincolnshire Southwest
Dr David Baker
Committee Member (South West Lincolnshire)
Dr Shamaillah Mufti
Committee Member (East Lincolnshire)
Dr Rebecca Kenyon
Committee Member (South West Lincolnshire)
Dr Andrew Pilbeam
Committee Member (South West Lincolnshire)
Dr Sophia Farmillo
Committee Member (South West Lincolnshire)
Lincolnshire LMC - Lincolnshire West
Dr Mark Protheroe
Committee Member (West Lincolnshire) & LMC Deputy Chair
Dr Kathryn Fickling
Committee Member (West Lincolnshire)
Dr Keith Butter
Committee Member (Locum Representative)
Dr Marc Dodgson
Committee Member (West Lincolnshire)
Dr Ken Leeper
Committee Member (LOCUM)
Lincolnshire LMC - Role based members
Mr Adrian Down
Practice Manager (IGPM Rep)
Mrs Louise Lee
Nursing Representative