Becoming a Skilled Worker (formally Tier 2) Visa Sponsor

Becoming a Tier 2 Visa Sponsor

Did you know that if you wanted to recruit a GP from outside the EU, it is highly likely they will require a Skilled Worker (formally Tier 2) visa and that you will need to sponsor them.

This ensures:

  • The Home Office knows they have secured a job in the UK; and
  • That an employer is able to take responsibility for them while they are here.

To do this, GP practices will need a sponsorship licence.  This process is NOT complex but the guidance around it is and can be very off-putting.  This is because the official Home Office guidance needs to cover every sector in the economy, along with every possible scenario.

This guide is a simplified version that should help you:

  • Complete the online registration process; and
  • Identify the right documents you’ll need to send to the Home Office as part of your registration.

Please note, we have only provided guidance on the questions which we think will be the most difficult to answer, not the entire application form.

This guidance does not replace official Home Office guidance, but should help you get through the registration process with ease.

This BMA Guidance will assist you with the process.

First Published
7 April 2022
Updated On
1 April 2024
Due to be Reviewed
6 April 2025
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