Call to action for General Practice 

The BMA’s GP Committee for England (GPCE) has published our Call to action (CTA) for general practice, created by GPs for GPs, which is their strategy for what General Practice needs to provide high-quality care for our patients and which compiles what we want to see in the next round of contract negotiations.

GPCE wants the Government to trust GPs to deliver the care that our patients deserve, and to do this, we need:

  • more investment in General Practice to deliver better local, long-term care for patients
  • support with expanding the GP workforce so that we have the equivalent of at least 40,000 full-time, qualified GPs in post by 2030/31
  • safer, greener infrastructure to bring General Practices into the 21st century and provide better care
  • more control to Practices so they can work collaboratively at scale, while offering continuity of care
  • the necessary time to provide better quality care by removing unnecessary bureaucracy and box-ticking.

To help us get closer to a gGeneral Practice that can provide better quality care for patients, we are asking members to bring the CTA to their practice and LMC meetings.

By working together, we can develop an engaged supporter base of GPs and LMCs pushing for change so you have the necessary time and investment to deliver better quality care for your patients.

Read our Call to action for general practice – our strategy to provide high-quality care for our patients that outlines what is needed in the next round of contract negotiations. Read more here

Safe working and preparing for balloting on industrial action 

As the current working conditions are not safe for patients or GPs, practices are strongly encouraged to continue to use the BMA article on safe working guidance to limit contacts to 25 per day in order to prioritise safe patient care, within the present bounds of the GMS contract.

We need to come together to save General Practice, defend our profession, and make gGeneral Practice safe for patients. In April, GPC England voted to prepare to ballot GPs on industrial action if the Government does not agree to improve the contract drastically in forthcoming negotiations.

Please join us as we prepare for potential industrial action. By law, only BMA members can participate in a ballot on industrial action, and the more BMA members working collectively sends a powerful message to government that the present situation must urgently change. If you are a member, make sure the details we hold for you are up to date to ensure your vote counts.

Update your member details on or join us as a member today.

First Published
28 June 2023
Updated On
6 May 2024
Due to be Reviewed
28 November 2024
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