Community Medical Examiner – National rollout delayed until 9th September 2024

It has been announced that the national rollout of the CME programme has been further delayed until 9th September 2024.

As you are likely aware, after highlighting the potential risks for you as data controllers of access to your entire patient list for services such as the CME, the LMC have been working with the ICB for them to provide S1 Hub modules (EMIS solutions raised for discussion) so that records of deceased patients can be uploaded to the hub and are the only records accessible to the service.

We understand the S1 hub modules are due to be available shortly and will update you when we have confirmation.

This further delay until September will give more time for this to be finalised and for practices to have discussions with the CME service as to when they wish to start to use the CME system. The CME service in Lincolnshire are keen to pilot with practices as soon as possible and practices will be required to refer their non-coronal deaths to the service from 9th September 2024.

While practices are not mandated to use the CME service until 9th September, if a practice, once the S1 module is available, would like to pilot the service contact the CME team at

For further information see this link.

First Published
17 April 2024
Updated On
17 April 2024
Due to be Reviewed
31 January 2026
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