Considerations for Single-handed GPs

When we think of business continuity planning for our practice, we don’t often consider practice continuity after death, but this is a real consideration for single-handed GPs. It can be a grim reality for families that should the death of a single-handed GP suddenly occur; the practice’s GMS contract will fall after 7 days.We would encourage all single-handed GPs to consider adding another partner to their contract to help negate this situation. The second partner does not necessarily have to be a GP. The benefit of having a second non-GP partner is that if the GP were to die, that up to a 6 month period can be granted in which to find a new GP to join the contract, before it would fall.

Obviously partnership should not be entered into lightly & due consideration should be given to all the responsibilities of being a partner & partnership.

Further guidance on this matter may be found here, or if you require further information regarding this subject please do not hesitate to contact the LMC office.

First Published
13 May 2021
Updated On
13 July 2023
Due to be Reviewed
13 July 2024
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