Contraceptive services

Contraceptive services, formerly an Additional Service funded by an identified 2.4% of Global Sum, have been included as an Essential Service under the Primary Medical Services (GMS/PMS) Contract, since 2020.  This includes the treatment of and prescribing for patients for contraceptive services, with the specific exclusion of the “fitting and implanting of intrauterine devices and implants”.

In addition, Para 14(2)1 of the GMS/PMS contract includes a reference to “drugs” including contraceptive as substances and “appliances” as including contraceptive appliances.

GPC England’s advice is therefore that the prescription and administration of contraceptive injections (such as Depo Provera, Sayana Press, and Noristerat) does form part of Essential Services.  Reimbursement is available through the Personally Admitted drugs provisions in the Statement of Financial Entitlements and indemnity is available via CNSGP.

First Published
25 June 2024
Updated On
25 June 2024
Due to be Reviewed
25 June 2025
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